Build it. Execute IT. REPEAT IT!

Amy D. Kilpatrick's 2018 Success Strategies Workbook & Planner -
Is a business growth strategy tool and daily planner all in one!

With this remarkable workbook and planner, you will be able to keep yourself on track toward achieving both your professional and personal goals. Amy put a lot of thought into the design of this workbook/planner based on her years of experience in working with her clients and for her own work experience.

While there is always a need to focus on your goals, you still have to manage your day-to-day tasks. For many years Amy was never satisfied with traditional planners as many were limited and most were focused on either goal setting, time tracking or sales. As a result, she has created an all-in-approach that incorporates planning and tracking for your entire growth development.

A daily, monthly, and yearly planner using Amy’s time-tested principles.
Includes simple “fill-in-the-blank” templates to help you plan exactly how to achieve your goals, tackle daily challenges and execute your marketing plans.

Daily goals, month-end reminders, and strategy templates to ensure you stay on track and realize all your ambitions.
  • Monthly & Weekly Planner
  • Daily Action Steps & Goals
  • Vision Board Pages
  • Life & Work To-Do Lists
  • Lay-Flat Design
  • Note Pages
  • Prospect Tracking
  • Referral Partner Call-To-Action Sheets
  • Networking Event Evaluation Sheets
  • Month-End Accounting Checklist
  • Calendar Blocking Templates
  • Social Media Strategy Templates


"I created this with productivity and success in mind!" - A. Kilpatrick
  1. 1ST QUARTER 2018
    JAN - FEB - MAR
  2. 2ND QUARTER 2018
    APR - MAY- JUN
  3. 3RD QUARTER 2018
    JUL - AUG - SEP
  4. 4TH QUARTER 2018
    OCT - NOV - DEC